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PitchBlack is...

  • Brett Leuschen/ Lead Guitar
  • Anthony Sardini/ Rhythm Guitar
  • Kyle Miller/ Bass
  • Ryan Hoover/ Drums


Latest News


-Finally!  We have just finished our Demo #4.  We are very slowly making and finishing new songs.  Our songs sound great!  We really have to start getting more practices in though.  Well, our friends say we're progressing very nicely, and should be doing shows soon!  We MIGHT have a show at HarborCreek High School for a dance at the end of the year, so we're all getting real pumped.


-We finally finished "Lost" and are recording the final copy.  Soon we will be giving out free demo's.  Feel free to show your friends, and spread the word.  Can's wait until we finish our first CD.  Tell us what you think of the website, and if you have heard us, tell us how we sound.


-Now we finished our good, pro tool, demo 5.  It has better sounds and sounds professional.  Our new song sounds GREAT! 

We have extra demo cd's to anyone if you'd like to hear us.  We're going to get our songs on a website here soon (hopefully).


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